Web presence

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A Google search on “web content” yields in excess of 13,000,000,000 results. Marketers recommend excellent content and content marketing tools to promote your business because it works.

2020 survey results from Content Marketing Instituteā„¢, indicate that 75 per cent of British businesses with a documented content marketing strategy say it is very successful or extremely successful. Businesses believe that content marketing:

  1. Generates trust
  2. Attracts customers
  3. Drives action
  4. Sells products and services

Web content is everything you read, view, watch, listen to and interact with online.

Web content solutions

Your web content is the lens through which you are scrutinized online. Your web content extends far beyond your website to everything and everywhere you publish on the web. But publication does not mean visibility. A poor content strategy, however copiously or frequently you publish, may leave you effectively invisible among the approximately 1.75 billion websites on the world wide web as of March 2020 . Worse, it may damage your existing business. A good content strategy should position you as an expert in your industry sector. A great content strategy with effective content marketing should position you as an authority among experts, attract new and repeat customers, compel those customers to take action and, as a result, grow your business.

Content marketing

A successful content marketing strategy requires high quality, interesting, informative, engaging content. Precisely what kind of content you need for your business must take into account your target audience and your product, service, brand(s), culture and industry. A low budget high street department store selling off-the-rack clothing to teenagers is likely to have a very different approach to a high end boutique selling exclusive designs to their parents.

Ideally, your content marketing strategy should be documented and all stake-holders should:

  1. Agree on business objectives
  2. Determine subject matter and format of content
  3. Evaluate existing content assets
  4. Plan the content publication and distribution schedule
  5. Manage content creation, acquisition and publication
  6. Define metrics of success