Katrina Boydon, owner of Ziva Dog Media, has been an online enthusiast since she signed up for her first “Compuserve” email address in 1994. Since then, she has managed companies and operations in the United Kingdom, Russia, France and the United States. Long before the term “content marketing” entered marketing vernacular, she was advising businesses to include high quality, unbiased and useful content in marketing materials as a means of establishing expertise and generating trust.

Web Content Operations | QuinStreet, Inc.

Founded in 1999, QuinStreet made its initial public offering in 2010 and is one of the leaders in vertical marketing and media online. Katrina contracted with the company in 2002 and was later hired full-time as head of content to build web content operations.

Over a period of ten years, Katrina built the content function from scratch into an organization comprising editorial, creative, data research, social media and marketing & regulatory compliance teams staffed by more than 50 full-time employees and over 600 freelance contributors, along with the processes, practices and technology to support the operation. Content creation increased from a few articles per month to thousands of compelling consumer interest pieces designed to help customers make informed decisions. Contributors included highly respected staff writers, journalists, industry experts, and professionals spanning personal finance, education, career, home services, medical & health, and B2B.

Online media integration | QuinStreet Enterprise

 QuinStreet Enterprise incorporates an extensive portfolio of media properties, email newsletters and bulletins, a growing publisher network, a fully integrated call center, and additional media channels.During Katrina’s tenure, QuinStreet’s media and publisher portfolio increased from hundreds or to thousands websites. QuinStreet Enterprise is the company’s proprietary B2B network. Education, financial services, home improvement and medical & health are other areas of interest. Katrina was one of the senior executives responsible for evaluating acquisition targets and the subsequent integration of acquisitions into the company’s media portfolio by transitioning to new publishing platforms, sourcing new expert writers, establishing company best practices and on-boarding existing staff and methodologies.

Web presence | Barnutopia.com

Set up, manage and develop Barnutopia Glamping & Venue a unique holiday, wedding and event experience in rural Shropshire. Entire web presence (website, social media, directory listings, content marketing, email marketing etc).

Web presence & PR | GFoodLounge

The gfood Truck Lounge offers a unique outdoor food experience in a lounge atmosphere in San Francisco’s south of Market neighborhood.

Brochure website & web presence | MissionX

Mission X brings together an international team of former Special Forces soldiers offering special operations adventure experiences, corporate leadership & development and film & television consulting.

Lead generation | Schools.com

Schools.com is a consumer resource website providing education information.

Lead generation | World Wide Learn

WorldWideLearn helps aspiring students figure out how to align their interests with a career, what kind of education they might need, and whether they want to look at online or traditional, campus-based schools.

Lead generation | Diabetes Website (archived)

Diabetes Monitor provides a comprehensive collection of information and resources for people with diabetes.

Lead generation | Elder Care website (archived)

Eldercarelink is a provider referral service available to individuals seeking care for themselves or loved ones. 

 Lead generation | Improvement Center website (archived)

ImprovementCenter.com is a resource for homeowners and features advice and inspiration for home remodeling projects, building contractors, home improvement brands and DIY tips.

Lead generation | Old House Web

Publishing since 1999, The Old House Web is a content marketing success story. It has stories, features, design ideas, first-person old-house adventures along with detailed information about companies that sell products and supplies for old houses.

Lead generation | MoneyRates.com

MoneyRates.com has been a leading source of information on bank rates, personal finance, savings accounts and investing since 1999.

 Lead generation | Insure.com

Insure.com provides a comprehensive array of information on life, health, auto, and home insurance. Independently verified as the #1 most-cited independent consumer insurance website.

Lead generation | IT Business Edge

A respected B2B brand in the QuinStreet Enterprise network.

 Lead generation | Small Business Computing

Helps small business owners and entrepreneurs make smart buying decisions via easy-to-understand and actionable content, how-to guides, and product reviews.

Website & marketing | ESPRIT Press & Courier website (archived)

Katrina Boydon owned and managed an import/export business in Moscow, Russia in the late 1990s. Among other things, she imported newspapers and magazines and her company delivered them to subscribers on the day of publication, 364 days per year.

In 1996, the company website, www.esprit.ru, was the first website Katrina ever built. It included a browsable database of publications available. She complemented the website with print marketing and business networking, the offline equivalent of today’s content and social media marketing.

Content creation system | CopyCache

Web-based interface used by content requestors, writers, editors and publishers.

Katrina designed and scaled the organization content function from manual (email, spreadsheets, documents) to a web-based content management system with thousands of users incorporating access control, flexible work-flow, content creation & editing, contributor management, billing & invoicing. She was responsible for the vision, design, specifications and build management.

Content publishing system | Content Engine

Proprietary publishing platform serving hundreds of diverse websites.

Katrina was a member of executive team responsible for the design, build and implementation of cross-platform content publishing system. She was responsible for integration with content creation system.

Group communications interface | findsmithGROUPS (archived)

Simple & intuitive club communications for parents. Product manager and technical customer service supervisor.

Katrina took over after the initial build and implemented improvements to the review & advice engine, search functionality, calendar & invitation tools, classified advertising, subgroups, integrated email, admin & member management, sign-up, dues, fees, renewal & payment interface.

 Lead generation interface | Reply! Local Marketer™ (archived)

A customer acquisition tool for businesses seeking high quality leads or traffic to their websites. Consumers searching for products or services on the web are captured and passed onto businesses as Qualified Leads or Enhanced Clicks℠.

Katrina conducted an extensive audit of interface logic, flow and language and recommended changes, which were implemented. She also created the Help section, user manual, infographic and email marketing materials.

Publisher compliance management | Publisher Services

Publisher-facing members-only client information repository.

Katrina was the business owner and champion for a members-only repository for client branding guidelines, authorized marketing materials, pay-per-click  rules and reporting functionality for affiliate publishers. She also designed the compliance management workflow for communication between publishers and compliance team using Serena TeamTrack.

Compliance Spider | Site Rover (archived)

Automated marketing and regulatory compliance spider.

Katrina was the business owner and product manager for a proprietary web crawler designed to crawl publisher and proprietary media network to search for compliance irregularities. The system included an integrated bulk download tool for issuing tickets to publishers required to edit websites.

 Software Platforms & Technologies | Various

There are literally hundreds of software platforms and technologies available for companies embarking on a content marketing strategy.

Katrina has reviewed or used many, many social media platforms, content management systems, social media management, marketing automation, web analytics and social media analytics solutions. If she does not have personal experience, she knows what to ask and what to look for.


Katrina has a deep knowledge of online media and marketing. Katrina also has a “Whatever it takes” approach.
CEO, Frequence, United States

Katrina is a brilliant, energetic, leader who consistently excels in all facets of her life. A pioneer in online media and content marketing, Katrina launched an embryonic freelance contributor network and successfully expanded it to hundreds of capable writers, data researches, and social media experts.
Sr. Director of Web Content, QuinStreet, United States

Katrina is an astute businesswoman. She enters into projects with a passion and brings a sharp, analytical mind to the table. Katrina personifies the spirit of the service industry and channels her many and varied talents into all her endeavors.
Editor, Writer, Researcher, Graphic Designer, Canada

I found Katrina to be clear, organized and strategic in initiating and managing assignments, with warmth and wit that made her a pleasure to do business with.
Creative Director, NAVAJO Company, United States

Since Katrina left Russia I have consulted with her on the marketing of our company. Our knowledge of online media was very poor. However, with Katrina’s help we were able to increase our exposure directly to our potential client base. This has resulted in an increase in the contracts that we have been awarded and the rapid expansion of our company
General Director, Saffron Projects LLC, Russia

Katrina is a top-notch executive who gracefully moves from creative direction to group management without skipping a beat.
Senior Designer, United States

Katrina is great to work for because she makes it her business to understand not just her own job but everyone else’s, what they’re dealing with and how their contribution improves the company. She’s one of those people for whom extraordinary competence seems to come easily.
Senior Marketing Manager, Lending Tree, United States

Her experience in developing processes and systems allows businesses to grow painlessly. Scaling operations in this growth phase can be a particularly challenging time for managers, employees and budget holders. Some people can find change invigorating; others are almost paralysed by the thought. Katrina’s man-management skills are a great asset in team and morale building during this difficult phase. She is equally adept at face to face management as she is “tele-managing” people online around the world.
Managing Director, Nothing Flash Ltd (Web Solutions), United Kingdom

The consistent level of talent, energy, and overall engagement represented by the people I worked with in that group speaks well for Katrina’s recruiting, training, and team-building skills. What’s even more impressive is that Katrina was able to accomplish this in the context of a fast-growing firm that encompassed diverse web sites, often with differing and fast-changing business models. This demonstrates her energy and resourcefulness.
Personal Finance Analyst, MoneyRates.com, United States

She has created a culture within her team that is in my experience uniquely positive. Her colleagues share not only her drive, work ethic and professionalism, but also her commitment to treating people decently. No doubt all these — together with Katrina’s building of effective operating systems and processes — have contributed immeasurably to the rapid growth and development of the business for which she is responsible.
Freelance Communications Specialist, France

I had an opportunity to know Katrina and to see her success with online media and content management. Katrina was personable, good with ideas, skilled and knowledgeable. I enjoyed working with her.
Nationally Syndicated Real Estate Columnist, OurBroker, United States