Small business web content starter pack

Our small business web content starter pack is suitable for small businesses with a new website or an old website that needs refreshing. You should own all aspects of your website and associated accounts (domain name, internet host, content, access to dashboard or “behind the scenes” for updates). If your business does not have a website, please ask us for website and web developer recommendations.

Small Business Web Presence

Your business has an online web presence whether you created it or not. It includes everything published by and about your business. It is important that you are in control of how your business is represented online, in particular via your website and social media accounts.

Small Business Web Content Starter Pack

Many small businesses pay for a website but do not really know where to go from there. Years ago, a website was all you needed. That’s not the case any more. A mature web presence has a website, social media accounts, directory listings and reviews at the very least. We can help you position your web presence for success as follows:

  • Advice on creating a website if your business does not have one already.
  • Review and recommendations for your website (with your web developer)
  • Custom small business web content (up to 10 pages/2,500 words)
  • Social media accounts set-up (up to 4 as appropriate for your business)
  • Research and recommendations for suitable online directories
  • Ideas and advice on how to keep your website and social media accounts updated
  • £450 inclusive
  • See also Custom Content Offer

This package is more than enough to get your business well on the way to a credible and robust web presence.

Contact Us

Please email message on Facebook or call 07983 219 939 for more information. It would be useful if you have to hand:

  • Your website address
  • Existing social media accounts
  • Any specific goals you have in mind
Small Business Web Starter Pack