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Content strategy explained

Content strategy, content marketing and content marketing strategy are often used interchangeably. Most of the time this doesn’t matter. The difference between business “strategy” (a plan for achieving a particular goal, usually over an extended period of time) and business “marketing” (activities involved in making customers aware of a company’s products and services) are moot if the strategic goal is, for example, to grow by expanding target audience. The strategic business plan inevitably incorporates marketing activities.

It is the same for content. A content strategy is the plan for a achieving a particular goal using content. Content marketing is the activities involved in ensuring customers are aware of that content.

Many of the requirements and concepts overlap. However, while many businesses are convinced of the value of high quality content, they do not yet have a content strategy in place or the content marketing function to support it. For content to be effective, most businesses need both a content strategy and content marketing.

  • Good content strategy does not mean you have great content marketing
  • Great content marketing is less effective (or completely ineffective) without good content strategy

What is web content strategy?

Web content strategy is a planned approach. Businesses do not execute content strategy campaigns. Rather, content strategy is a unifying approach to an organization’s content style, voice, tone, branding across the entire business. It involves determining strategic goals that can be accomplished with content and the planning, organization, creation and distribution of content to fulfil those objectives. It is a complex process summarized as follows:

  1. Define goal(s) that are achievable with content
  2. Determine what kind of content is necessary for execution
  3. Evaluate existing content assets
  4. Plan the content publication schedule (when, where, how)
  5. Manage the process of content creation, acquisition and publication

How is content strategy different to content marketing?

Content marketing overlaps with content strategy at the publication and distribution stage. Content strategists Content marketers are concerned with ensuring the content has visibility and reach and is put before the right target audience.

  • Content strategy and content marketing go hand in hand and both must be concerned with defining metrics of success.
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